What exactly are sports banners?

My sport banners are creative art pieces designed & custom made with a combination of action shots & posed shots if available. Typical features include the athletes name, number, team name and any other relevant information.

Who can purchase banners?

Banners make excellent gifts to athletes by their family & friends.
Schools, teams & booster clubs can also order banners. which are usually used to decorate stadiums and gyms and later given as senior gifts.

What sizes do they come in?

I use a professional lab to handle all of my printing. This lab will print my design on a weatherproof 18oz. vinyl matte banner. The edges are folded & sealed with metal grommets on each corner for hanging. The most popular size is 24x36 but can be sized up to 48x120.

Who designs my banner?

I will design your banner. I am proficient in Photo Shop & other editing software. I will either design your banner from an existing template or create as I go. All banners will be approved & finalized by my clients before printed.

I'm sold, how do I get a banner created?

Action shots of your athlete are essential in making a banner & we can do this 2 ways. First, if it's still in season, you can hire me to shoot action shots of your athlete or team and we can design it from those images. If it's out of season or it isn't possible to get action shots, I have created a special portrait/banner session where we can take those photos needed for a banner plus you'll receive print credit like my regular portrait sessions.