Sheila Unique Photography

What my clients don't know is that I am just as nervous to take their pictures as they are to have their pictures taken. I especially get nervous knowing that they will see me transform into this overexcited photographer with camera in hand wowing over their amazing pictures practically jumping mid-air. If I could do a cart wheel I would. That's how much I love photographing high school seniors. Well, it turns out that my enthusiasm was just the right combination to put this young man and his mom at ease. A goal I always strive to achieve with all my clients. Now let me introduce you to this special young man. Ethan is a student at JP McCaskey High School and will soon begin his senior year. It turns out that Ethan my have graced my lens before as I took pictures of the high school band last year. You see, Ethan plays for the drumline of JP McCaskey's widely known and highly regarded marching band. I always look forward to the beating of the drums as the band pours onto the field at the start of a football game. Also, it turns out that Ethan and I have a lot of things in common. Ethan loves photography and we both own the Sony A7 III camera which I used to take his pictures. Naturally, Ethan's plan after graduation is to expand his knowledge of photography and videography with a goal to start a career in those fields. Something I wished I had done when I was his age. So I know, based on my love for photography and seeing that same joy in him, that Ethan is bound for success! As photographers, I am sure our paths will cross again and when it happens I can't wait to hear about those achievements. Many blessings to you Ethan and may you have a great senior year!