About Me

The toughest assignment for a photographer when constructing a website is the About Me section. But when I found this saying "Life is like ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts." My woes were over! Let me explain. The date of this write up is April 27th of the year 2020 and I am 46 years old. Unlike most people, I love to tell people my age and with a smile. You see, for me, every minute, hour, day or year that I am alive is a blessing from God! I realize that life is short and the next day is not guaranteed so when I'm blessed to greet a brand new day, like ice cream, I enjoy it before it melts!

Now, I'm not saying I'm one of those individuals who suddenly buys a red corvette and while wearing a tank top speeds 100mph down the road. I 100% believe in maturity and responsibility to yourself and others whether be it family, friends or strangers. I'm guessing for me, I do things that most grown people, as my friend explained, wouldn't do. Like what!? Like bounce in a bounce house! Why not? If it's big enough for 5 kids it's big enough to hold me! Or I'll get on every scary amusement park ride and when the ride is finished run back and wait for another. And now that I'm aware that there are proms for adults; I am searching for a prom dress and when I find it LOOK OUT!

I am also very goal oriented especially when it is artistic in nature. Not only am I a self-taught photographer; I am my own nail technician, Photoshop expert, colored pencil artist, and you name it. The only obstacle I have is my right brain doesn't allow me complete my first project before I start the next one! Life is like ice cream. I have to learn a new skill or enjoy the thrill of a new experience one last time before it melts!

So, I encourage you all to go out and enjoy a soft-serve, vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles nestled in a waffle cone and when you take that last bite, I want you to think about enjoying life today while you have it. ~ Sheila

As Your Photographer

I am a professional portrait photographer specializing in the field of high school senior and sports photography in Lancaster, Pennsylvania . As a portrait artist, my style is crisp, clean and modern and I have the skills to capture your images in-studio as well as on location. With sports, I work to capture action photography of teams and individual athletes. My specialty in sports photography is designing my own signature and unique banners and montages.


“Highly recommended! A great person let alone an amazing photographer, captured every single one of my games my senior year and was her first year doing it !! Get with her guys !!”

“Oh my word Sheila! These are beautiful!!!! You are so talented at what you do! But I am especially thankful for all the love you put into them! I was so blessed then to have you as a mentor in my youth and so incredibly grateful to still have you apart of our lives now!! A million times thank you!!! We love you lots!”

“"Sheila made the photo shoot fun, she made me feel good about myself with all her positive comments.I highly recommended her taking your photos. My photos came out very beautiful, I love it. She’s definitely taking my photos in 2022 by the grace of God."”